oining the center

Affiliates Advantage

As a global leader in Seiko marble industry, technical standards makers, industry-leading brands and market benchmarks, Milose Seiko Marble is always in the brand, product and product use, terminal image, store management, terminal activities and other aspects are always in the Industry-leading, leading the development of the industry


Global Seiko Marble Industry Leader

MARMOCER Seiko Marble has 20 independent mines in Turkey with the world's first stone library rich mine data, with the world's only one of Italy's top automatic Seiko marble production line, the first eight product style series, the first marble product design master Cooperation system, the first implementation of the national terminal retail price, the first to "Internet +" concept architecture services and user experience system, to create the industry has always been to lead the industry to explore the top environmental Seiko marble, is committed to modern homes to provide the ideal space for the overall solution


Terminal image store

The perfect combination of multimedia interaction and standardization

CLUB, HOME and DESIGN of the three stores to build the Milosexi Seiko marble standardized terminal retail store system, with multimedia interactive features, through the "cloud" carrier to provide customers with real- time comprehensive services. Three stores to build a different time, a month to complete the construction of a store