Marmocer Brand

MARMOCER is the world's leading manufacturer of Seiko marble industry, Seiko marble synonymous with excellence for the global user to provide rich artistic creativity of the first-class products and suitable for modern Habitat professional space solutions


Global Seiko Marble Industry Leader


Proficient in art, work in science and technology


International · Art · Technology · Fashion


Integration of art and technology fashion, Seiko marble brand


To cherish the natural science and technology To optimize the living Habitat

About Marmocer

Brand name MARMOCER from the Spanish, "MARMO" means "marble", "CER" means "tiles", combined into a clever interpretation of the essence of the product - from natural marble and tile Seiko compound.

Brand has been established in a number of industry precedent: Turkey has 20 own mines, the world's first stone library, stone source stable and rich; the introduction of the world's only one automatic production line in Italy to ensure that the first-class product quality; first eight style series To provide a comprehensive and intimate product selection; the first "D + B" (Design + Brand) master co-design model, continue to create a better home space; the first implementation of the national terminal retail price, the achievements of transparent and affordable price environment; "Internet + " Concept building services and user experience system, and effectively provide customers with an unprecedented purchase of the trip. Milosexi Seiko Marble has so far been leading the industry,is the world's absolute leader in the field of Seiko marble brand.



Brand Strength

Brand Honors

Dozens of honor, not just professional reputation, but also means that the brand trustworthy

  • China famous brand
  • Membership of the Board
  • High-tech enterprises
  • Composite board professional committee
  • National quality, reputation, service AAA grade enterprises
  • China green building materials products
  • China's top ten most influential stone business
  • Fujian brand-name products
  • Ultra - thin natural marble technology development center
  • China 's stone composite board in 2008 top ten enterprises
  • 2008 World Stone 500 companies
  • 2008 global five-star stone suppliers

"Fine" word concept leading brand operations, highlighting the standards and pursuit of Milo West excellence

Brand Concept

Selected precious stones

Exquisite products

Elaborate design

Exquisite space

Seiko Technology

Incisive model

Fine quality control

Sincere service